Marco Fidalgo, was born in Nazareth, Portugal and like any ordinary kid, he lived his childhood with his head full of dreams!

However it was in 1994 that began competing in mountain bike cross country with a investment which came from his family. In 1995, he make is first appearance in the first downhill competitions held in Portugal. Here the factor "extreme" joined seamlessly to the strength of his image that was already represented by an active dynamic facts. Marco Fidalgo, early stressed that an athlete was to be taken into account through their sporting achievements in every competition he attended.

But it was in 1998 that he became a national icon so in 2000 he finally established itself in a positive way also in the international competitions and became the first and only Portuguese rider Professional in Mountain Bike, a fact which earned him away from a superb image in terms of competitions, communication, solidarity events, advertisements, lectures and sporting activities of cultural and sports among other initiatives whose aim was always to sensitize young people to a healthier lifestyle.

After numerous titles, victories, falls, injuries and discontent, the professional athlete Marco Fidalgo, presents itself naturally as a modest person and working towards a goal that takes as reliable and progressive face to the world of mountain biking. That's why even if the athlete continues to actively compete at the highest level. From the Down Hill MTB scene between 1996 and 2012 he started racing again and for the first time in the end of the year 2012 in the Enduro MTB scene. At the same time he added to his life the adventurer and story teller segment in order to do mountain bike reports for television, magazines, social media and websites.

For Marco Fidalgo, the big win is to defeat the difficulties that lie in every way, is to overcome the real obstacles that offer the taste of victory, is to overcome the limits and further contribute above all to the development of mountain biking, in a transparent , clean and sustainable in order to withdraw from the best that nature has to offer in this mode.

In the present and holding hands with some of the best worldwide mtb brands, Marco Fidalgo is still focused in racing some Enduro MTB races and at the same time is working daily in a new challenges & adventures around the Mountain Bike scene. Thank You. Stay Tuned...

I really love to race and besides a winning racing life, nothing is more important than have a healthy lifestyle because at least you can create your own stories, adventures, follow your path and most of all, make your day count like it was your last. In resume, your are the owner of your dreams so focus and make it happen.
— Marco Fidalgo